Český Krumlov, The Růže Hotel

General refurbishment of the original building, construction of a fitness centre on the former terrace and interconnection of the two hotel structures, including new and complete technical facilities.


Location: Český Krumlov
Investor: Hotel Růže a.s. (member of Prague properties a.s. group)
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Renovation building
Construction time: 11/1998 - 05/1999
Main indicators: Built-up area: 10,300 square metres
Built-up space: 38,400 cubic metres
Description: The refurbishment of the Small and Big Rose started by the demolition of all the non-bearing and partly also of the load-bearing structures, pavements and additionally of the built-in ceilings from previous reconstructions. The fitness centre was constructed on the former terrace and within the fortification walls around the former Renaissance monastery dating from the 16th century. The refurbishment also included replacement of all the inside house installations. All the new indoor structures and repairs of the original structures followed the main aim of the refurbishment which was to restore the original Renaissance design of the building from both outside and inside and, at the same time, to build a hotel with modern equipment.