České Budějovice, Hospital

The reconstruction consists in a comprehensive modernisation of an old building that did not meet the basic requirements of health service.


Location: České Budějovice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Reconstruction of pavilion
Construction time: 04/1994 - 03/1995
Main indicators: Enclosed volume: 18,455 cu.m,
Built-up area: 5,460 sq,m
Description: This is a five-storey building with peripheral brickwork with a  thickness of 45 or 60 cm and roofed by a single-membrane flat roof. A new spiral staircase and a lift were added to the old building. A part of the reconstruction was relining of internal partitions, replacement of all doorframes and window jambs. There are new lifts, plasterboard ceilings, all water distribution systems, sewerage, wiring including light-current system and medicinal gases. The roof structure was reinforced and provided with new roofing. The whole building was provided with over-cladding and the facade was designed as two-coat dragged work. Around the building there are new asphalt areas for parking and arrival of ambulances and pavements with a fireclay paving.