Česká Třebová, New downhill skiing centre "Peklak"

The new downhill skiing centre, which is to be known as Peklák, will be established to the west of Česká Třebová. The sport itself is already practiced there; however, no technical or social facilities are in place at the moment.


Location: Česká Třebová
Investor: Municipality of Česká Třebová
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Construction time: 04/2006 - 11/2006
Main indicators: ski slope area of 49,000 m2
the length of the lift system 776 m
the elevation of the ski slope 147 m
the average angle of the slope 19%.
Description: The centre will adjoin the present sports ground for FC Česká Třebová. The planned upper ski lift station is to link with local cross-country ski tracks.

Moreover, visitors to the centre will be able to ski on artificial snow surfaces. A snowmaking machine will be placed in the service buildings, ready to be used when there is insufficient snow.

At the bottom part of the area will be service buildings: maintenance rooms, a ticket booth, as well as social and refreshment areas for visitors. Before getting on the lift, skiers will go through turnstiles, which are also part of the project. A number of other structures are to be built in the area, meant for lift and ski slope attendants – water mains, sewage and electricity connections, in addition to public lighting and equipment for making artificial snow.

The completed ski slope will approximately cover an area of 49,000 m2 in total; the length of the lift system is intended to be 776 m; the elevation of the ski slope is going to be 147 m – the average angle of the slope being 19%. The town council assumes that around 150 people will attend it every day. However, the lift will be able to carry up to 1206 people per hour. One important thing worth mentioning is that the ski centre is not going to lie in a protected natural area. To avoid erosion, grass seeds will be planted in the exposed soil immediately after all necessary landscaping work has been carried out.