Čechy pod Kosířem, Reconstruction of Roofs


 Čechy pod Kosířem


 Olomouc Regional Authority


 JV “Sdružení Zámek Čechy pod Kosířem – střecha – H + A”

Construction period:


Project type:



 750 days



The building is a listed property (cultural monument). The original representative and residential function of the chateau, which had not changed for a long time, transformed during the last century to a public facility, school and dormitory. When the building was used to that purpose, many valuable structures and unique equipment were fatally damaged. Now the chateau’s original function is restored and the exposition rooms in the Southern and Western wings are open to public. The other rooms have not been reconstructed yet and hence are not used. This construction project is aimed at reconstruction of all roofs of the chateau building. The existing asbestos and cement roofing will be completely removed and new roof assembly with natural slate roofing will be installed. A very significant part of the project is also repair of the roof frame, when the damaged truss components will be replaced and all-wooden joints will be preferentially used. Further, the project covers construction of floors above the existing boiler room to where the boiler room will be moved in the next stages, and restoration works to the precious metal works of art (aluminium coat of arms on the face wall) and restoration works to the valuable stonemasonry (portals, balustrade with four figures, pedestal, chimney boards etc.).