Brno, The University Hospital Brno – Reconstruction of operating theatres

The University Hospital Brno – Reconstruction of operating theatres of the Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Ward




The University Hospital Brno


Společnost Brno, rekonstrukce KPRCH (horizontal joint venture)

HOCHTIEF CZ a.s., Division Building Moravia (50%, TCL)

STAEG Development, spol. s r.o. (50%)

Building type:

Civil and Office Projects

Construction period:

06/2016 – 11/2016


The construction consists of reconstruction of two operating theatres, including facilities and extension of a ward block comprising 7 rooms with a total capacity of 16 beds within part of the 1st aboveground storey of the building CH for the needs of the Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Ward.

The ward block will further consist of a nurses’ station, wound-dressing room, storerooms, tea kitchenette for patients, cleaning and disinfection room and other necessary facilities. The individual bedrooms will have their own sanitary facilities and will be equipped with electric profiling hospital beds, dining tables, seating furniture and other standard equipment. Wall power supply and lighting fittings will be installed on the bedroom walls (outlets of wall sockets, data network and medical gases). The bedroom following on the nurses´ room will serve as the postoperative recovery room (it will be visually connected with a viewing window).

The operating theatres will be equipped with standard hospital furniture and devices and an overhead anesthesiologic and surgical hinged tripod will be installed there. Over the surgical tables, the ceiling surgical lightings will be installed that will be powered from the Uninterruptible Power Supply source.

Storerooms for devices and sterile supplies will be built next to the operating theatres. Used material will be taken away from the operating theatres area through a separate room for decontamination. The smaller operating theatre will be equipped similarly as the bigger theatre and graver wound-dressing will be carried out there. The remaining rooms of the operating theatres´ department will be equipped according to usual standards.