Brno, The University Hospital Brno – Oncology Centre Extension

The University Hospital Brno – Children’s Medical Centre, Oncology Centre Extension




The University Hospital Brno


HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Building Moravia  

Type of construction:

Public and office projects

Construction period:

01/2016 – 06/2016


The new extension and construction works on building C related to it are situated inside closed premises of the University Hospital Brno – Children’s Medical Centre in the Černopolní Street. The hospital is located inside the urban area of the city of Brno, in its fully developed part.

In the construction project, an oncology centre extension with MRI has been built and construction works at the place where the extension is connected to building C in the premises of the University Hospital Brno – Children’s Medical Centre in the Černopolní Street have been carried out. The extension has one storey and it is connected with a link to the lower ground floor of building C; it has a basement underneath a part of it, which is connected to a hallway in the second basement of the existing building C.

The extension houses a complete MRI at an oncology centre of the children’s hospital. The centre is accessible from the main hallway in building C on the lower ground floor, where there is an entrance to the patients’ waiting room. From the waiting room, one either goes through two dressing-down boxes or is taken on a hospital bed directly to the preparation room.  The preparation room is connected to the MRI scanner room with a control room and a service room, further, there is a day room for the staff, record office and staff facilities. The control room is connected to a room where the MRI results are evaluated. The second basement houses an air conditioning plant. The built-up area of the building is 230 m2, enclosure 1,422 m3.

Besides the standard parts, the construction comprised also a distribution system of medical gases and delivery of medical technology, except for delivery of the MRI scanner from the producer SIEMENS.

An interesting aspect of the project is creation of a Faraday cage in the examination room that is indispensable for functioning of the MRI.