We started the construction of the Pardubice bypass

Yesterday, after 16 long years, the construction of the north-eastern bypass of the city of Pardubice began.

The roughly four-kilometre-long four-lane link will make it easier for drivers to pass from Hradec Králové towards Sezemice and Dašice. The construction will also include 12 noise barriers, 8 bridges and a pedestrian underpass.

This important construction is being carried out by the Division Traffic infrastructure and, once completed, it will provide relief to many thousands of people who today suffer from transit traffic in the very centre of Pardubice. At the same time, it is a Design&Build project, where it is up to the contractor to complete the final design.

The most challenging element of the construction will be the 200-metre long double-pole suspension bridge over the Elbe. This is technically the best option for the environment and will also preserve the navigable width of the Elbe.