We have started the reconstruction of the Opatov Hotel

The building of the former Hotel Opatov in Prague 11 will get a new look and use. On Tuesday, 31 May, we officially launched its reconstruction. The project costing CZK 689 million. CZK without VAT should be completed at the end of 2024.

In 30 months, the former hotel in Jižní Město will become a house for social inclusion. It will contain a total of 275 small flats with basic amenities for lower-income residents. 

Up to the tenth floor, the apartments will be reserved for senior citizens, while the higher floors will accommodate single parents with children, teachers, health workers and other members of the integrated rescue system. There will also be a public laundry, a dining room, a social hall, a cellar and facilities for sports. It will not be a retirement home or hospital-type accommodation. The flats will be primarily intended for permanent housing. However, the lower part will be reserved for commercial space, which could house health services. Accessibility is also being developed within the building's capabilities.

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