We breathe new life into the Ostrava legend

From today, the stadium in Bazaly, Ostrava, which has been the home of the football club Baník Ostrava for dozens of years, is to experience a burst of building activity.

In the next 14 months, the stadium will be converted into a practice facility for the young from the entire Moravian and Silesian Region. In the upcoming six weeks, the main stand will be disassembled and removed and right after that, construction of a new building on its foundation will be started. This will house changing rooms for the football players and facilities for their regeneration and rehabilitation including physical therapists’ and doctors’ consulting rooms. There will also be an indoor field for futsal matches.  

During the conversion, the football pitches will be extended as well. The main football pitch will then allow adaptation to three crosswise practice fields, but, at the same time, it can be used as a standard pitch for championship matches. Instead of one practice pitch in the south part of the complex, we will build two new ones. One with artificial turf, the other one with natural turf. At the main pitch, a new stand with a capacity of 450 seats will be built, under which a covered 60-metre long running track will be situated.

Conversion of the stadium will cost more than CZK 250 million. The players will run out to the new pitches for the first time in September next year.

Photos and visualisation courtesy of the Magistrate of the City of Ostrava.