Completion of the project has not only secured compliance with the European requirements concerning enhancement of the quality of water in streams and groundwater (Directive of the Commission no. 91/271/ECC on Municipal Waste Water Treatment), but it has also increased retention capacity of the sewer system and secured a more balanced utilization of the municipal waste water treatment plants. The project comprised construction of 6 km of sewers and tunnels and reconstruction of 17 km of sewer pipelines, which serve to almost 23 thousand inhabitants of the agglomeration. Approximately 2 thousand users were newly connected to the sewer system and to the waste water treatment plant. 7,5 km of water mains were reconstructed as well. Total costs of the project amounted to CZK 991 mil., pursuant to a decision of the European Commission 54 % of them are eligible costs that are covered from Cohesion Fund of the European Union.