Division Asset Management provides both internal and external services. “In this year, we have managed to have more than 52% of the division´s turnover from services provided to external clients. Internal work done in property management, energy sector and movable asset management including car transport for HOCHTIEF CZ is for the first time under the half of our total turnover,” says to the structure of business activities Zbyněk Malý, who works at company HOCHTIEF CZ since January 2012.

The company HOCHTIEF CZ, thanks to the integration, extends its portfolio of cooperation with private investors. Major clients of the division are for example the companies ČEZ, BNP Paribas, Cinema City, MAN Truck or Raiffeisen Leasing. Higher share of contracts for the private segment is perceived positively also by the Chairman of the Executive Board of the company HOCHTIEF CZ Ing. Tomáš Bílek. “For me, the increase of activity of private clients is a sign that our segment is after years of crisis slowly recovering. Moreover, it is good for us that private clients take into account besides the bid price also other aspects, such as references, financial stability or moral integrity of our company, which is in the present situation on the construction market our great advantage.” On the basis of the company´s clearance at the level SECRET, Division Asset Management may perform the maintenance in the premises of the Nuclear Power Plant Temelín.