Saint Barbara already protects the tunnel Považský Chlmec

Ceremonial sanctification and placing of a St Barbara statue started construction of the tunnel Považský Chlmec at construction of the highway D3 Žilina, Strážov – Žilina, Brodno.

The tunnel consists of two two-lane tunnel tubes each of which is 2.2 km long. Tunnelling will be carried out from six locations - headings simultaneously. Four headings from the central pit and two from the western and subsequently from the eastern portal. Tunnelling will be completed by summer 2016.

St Barbara is worshiped as a protector against killing by lightning, fire and from a risk of sudden death. Therefore, she is the patroness of miners, artillerymen, pyrotechnicians, architects, mathematicians and other risky professions, but also of children. Commencement of tunnelling is therefore traditionally associated with the act of sanctification of St Barbara statue.