Reopening of bridge near Svijany


Michal Talian

The newly reconstructed road II/610 and in particular a bridge at the boundary of Central Bohemian Region and Liberec Region near Svijany is opened to the residents since the middle of last December.

According to the original design, the bridge running through the Jizera River flood area should have been completely reconstructed. When the works were commenced, however, it turned out that the bridge to be reconstructed was in a much worse condition than the contracting authority had assumed. Since it was then ascertained that the bridge was beyond repair, the contracting authority of the public contract decided for safety reasons to demolish the original bridge completely and to build a brand new one.  

After demolition of the original bridge, works were started on a technically challenging construction of a bridge in August last year. From the first drilling and concreting of piles in August, through construction of support structures and fitting of girders in September and October only four months passed. The division engaged considerable human resources and equipment on the site including three-hundred-tonne cranes. Once reconstruction of the road and the bridge was completed, the traffic connection between both regions has been modernized and enhanced. Opening of the bridge also entails relief to the residents of the village of Loukov, through which a diversion route lead. The total cost of reconstruction of the bridge reached CZK 39.4 million.