Construction works in the premises of the Thomayer Hospital have affected especially the lower ground floor and the ground floor of the building B1. Priority of the whole construction project was to build new operating theatres with intensive care unit and to ensure a barrier-free entrance in the west part of the building.
Layout of all rooms was completely changed by erecting new partitions built of brick. The floorings and doors were replaced because they no longer complied with the current requirements. The construction works involved the necessary noise abatement as well. The windows were also repaired, partly replaced; the machinery and technical equipment at the facilities were newly fitted and new distribution systems were installed.

The original functional connection of two operating theatres that have one joint washroom for doctors, decontamination room and emergency store was preserved. The third theatre was left as a separate one. The operating wing also houses the necessary filters, i.e. preparatory rooms for both staff and patients who enter the operating rooms. Employees of the hospital have thus been provided with the adequate facilities – new workroom for doctors and nurses and necessary space to store the medical material. Filter for the patients is immediately adjacent to the intensive care unit located in the annexe. New layout of the intensive care unit ensures the adequate user comfort for both the staff and the patients. Location of the central workplace of nurses from which the individual beds in the boxes of the intensive care unit are monitored went through the most significant changes.

HOCHTIEF CZ a. s. performed all the reconstruction works in full operation on the first and second floor of the hospital where the long-stay ward and department of ophthalmology are located. The engineers also had to plan the works in such a way that ambulances and fire trucks could drive through the premises at least in one direction. .

The construction took 8 months and it cost CZK 107 mil. 90% of the amount was a subsidy from the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.