Jörg Mathew was elected to management of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is part of a worldwide network of foreign Chambers of Commerce and actively supports economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and Germany. Authorized by the German Ministry of Economy, it offers to Czech and German companies an extensive network of contacts and represents their interests in communication with politicians and the public.

The Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has more than 600 members and is the largest bilateral Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. A representative of a construction company was elected to the Executive Board of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the very first time. This implies not only an increase in importance of construction industry for the Czech economy but also a significant position of the company HOCHTIEF CZ as a representative of the construction industry. “Thanks to my position, I will have a good opportunity to represent our company, to show our position in the market, especially among German companies operating in the Czech Republic. Within the working groups and activities of the Czech-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I will be engaged in negotiations and will assist in development of plans of the Czech politics in areas that are very important. These include, among others, preparation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects  and of course all other plans associated with development of the Czech infrastructure. Establishment of direct contacts with business entities that want to invest in the Czech Republic in the field of production, research and office facilities will also be an advantage,” Jörg Mathew assesses his future plans in the new position.

The Federal Republic of Germany is the most important business partner of the Czech Republic. Trade with Germany makes up nearly a third of the total foreign trade of the Czech Republic. Germany is also the largest direct foreign investor in the Czech Republic; it participates in the total investments by the amount exceeding EUR 26 billion, which is roughly 27% of all direct foreign investments. The planned extension of the railway network and completion of highway connection to Saxony and Bavaria are particularly interesting for the German investors.