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International Volunteer Day again with HOCHTIEF CZ

For the second time, our company joined the International Volunteer Day that is in the Czech Republic coordinated under the name Give&Gain Day by a professional platform Byznys pro společnost (Business for Society). The total of 41 employees of our company enrolled to help in six non-profit organizations of various specializations.

We thus joined more than a thousand of volunteers from 40 other companies who helped in 120 non-profit organizations, municipalities and other places.  

“I joined in for the first time this year. There was a great team of people with whom we went to the Jordán Hospice to help. The hospice staff kindly welcomed us, so we got on with the assigned work – and there were loads of it. We did some cleaning in the hospice offices and also in the newly opened shop. We decorated the rooms and moved furniture and goods. I hope that we thus helped the organization that is engaged in such demanding activities for those who are in need. I also appreciated the uniform t-shirts – we were moving around in a shopping centre in Tábor and were visible, so we draw the attention of other people to the International Volunteer Day and also to HOCHTIEF. I will definitely join next year again.”

Marie Müllerová helped in the Jordán Hospice in Tábor

“Why did I decide to help? I wanted to find out whether someone would really need my assistance and whether I could be useful somewhere. What have I found out? I am happy that I joined the Volunteer Day because in one day in Arpida in České Budějovice we did a lot of work, for which the centre itself does not have enough staff. So I could help with works that would otherwise not be done by anyone else like clearing out cellars, painting fences and a gazebo, creating sculptures of straw or clearing out the exchanger rooms. All those who took care of us were very nice and really grateful for our help. I know that if it is within my power I will help again! And I will feel very good about it because I can be useful.”

Lenka Poslušná helped in the Arpida Centre in České Budějovice