You will find there the interview with Dalibor Šťáhlavský, the executive director for the property development and management of the Prague Airport company “Správa Letiště Praha“. He will explain to you what is KLV, BVQ or BTS. You will read a lot of information about all the places, on which HOCHTIEF has left its mark, constructing and operating the worlds airports. And which objects on the Prague Airport are the works of the Czech HOCHTIEF CZ. The exceptional woman and famous actress Jitka Čvančarová will share with you her feeling about the air travel. She loves airports like a small child. You will find out what we can expect in the air travel in the future. And what to look at when wanting to travel around the world cheaper.  We are also talking to the architect David Vávra about his new project Handsome and Defenceless. We will advise you how to cleverly keep an eye on your mortgage and if it is ever possible to build a back country hideaway.

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