The wooden summerhouse from second half of the 19th century served as a place of rest for the visitors of the private garden in Prague – Bubeneč. Recently the plot was acquired by the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ, who will be executing the developer project Lofty Bubeneč. The style of the summerhouse would not befit the new, purely functional building, and thus the summerhouse was restored and removed to another place: the cloister garden of the Care Home of St. Karel Boromejský, the unique European institution caring for elderly and ill people. The historical value of the summerhouse was preserved and it will serve further, in keeping with its original purpose.

The summerhouse is made of wood from coniferous trees. The front façade is decorated with richly engraved rafters and vertical beams and is fitted with two-wing partially glazed door. The window leafs, frames and the doors were damaged by forced opening and the weather conditions. Also the surface of the beam structure was badly damaged and only part of the original paint remained.

First of all the summerhouse had to be dismantled into large sections, for instance the whole side walls, and take those to the workshop for the restoration. The old paint was removed from the parts and then a special treatment was used. The constructions were repaired by carpenters and the replicas of the original doors and windows were set on the new hinges. After painting the parts were taken to the new place and assembled to the final form.

The summerhouse should, after the restoration, give the impression of the original construction rather then replica. Therefore the smaller faults were preserved.