The joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ used a new visual style for the graphic design of the report, which is also reflected in other information and advertising carries of the company. It is based on sign plus with lines spreading from the arms of the sign. It thus divides space into four sections, which are easy to work with from the graphics viewpoint. They are flexible, they can be randomly shifted and their size changed as needed. With careful selection of colours, choice of quality photographs and used materials the overall impression of the visual style is creative as well as distinguished.

Each year the overall quality of the annual reports increases, Jan Struž, the chairman of CZECH TOP 100 stated in Czech media. “The companies understand the great importance of good quality annual reports and thus much higher attention is paid to this issue then ever before.

The annual reports were evaluated by an international panel of professionals, such as analysts, graphics, photographers and polygraphists. They judged the overall design, artistic conception, language and stylistic accuracy, quality of the print, overall synthesis of the graphics and text, and also new ideas and coherence. For easier evaluation the panel uses 35 criteria.

Each company, using the annual report or its web pages as means of communication with the investors, can participate in the competition. The joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ issued its annual report for 2006 in printed and electronic form.