The initial issue of the magazine HorizonT is the first in line of the external periodical for partners and associates of the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF. This way the company wants to communicate interesting information about its activities and plans to the readers, not only in the Czech Republic, but also all around the world, so that the readers could see how wide the area of activity of the supranational concern HOCHTIEF is. The periodical will be issued twice a year. There will be one more issue published this year, the company intends to release it in the time before Christmas.

The first issue of HorizonT introduces HOCHTEIF Group and its major projects. It will take us deep down the tunnel of the ring road around Prague, which is under construction in between Slivenec and Lahovice. Tomáš Bílek, the General Director of the company, will reveal in an interview his thoughts about Czech construction market and its chances and difficulties. The readers will also find an interview with world-wide recognised violinist and violist Gabriela Demeterová, whose concert the business partners could visit at the social event in St. Agnes’s convent at the beginning of this year. The readers will learn about the company’s sponsorship activities, focused on support of interesting and needed projects. They will read about sushi and learn how to prepare it at home. The magazine will include advice on what to do when you want to build and where to arrange your mortgage. HorizonT will provide further information which should advise as well as entertain.

The electronic version of the magazine can be downloaded on the web pages of the company Individual issues will be gradually saved here so that the readers can find them any time.