HOCHTIEF Corporate Headquarters: New building at Opernplatz

For the new Corporate Headquarters of HOCHTIEF, five renowned architectural offices were invited to a design competition: Barkow Leibinger Architekten (Berlin), David Chipperfield Architects (Berlin), JSWD Architekten (Cologne), MON Arquitectos (Madrid) and sop architekten (Düsseldorf).

HOCHTIEF opted for the urban development design presented by sop architekten. This design underlines the company’s role as leading technological and sustainable infrastructure group.

In terms of urban design, the new Corporate Headquarters building between the RWE tower, Aalto Theater and the neighboring residential buildings fits in seamlessly into the existing setup. The proximity to the Stadtgarten park is taken up and is continued with spacious, green, usable inner courtyards and roof areas, thus enabling a positive contribution to be made to the city’s climate. The sustainability of the project is one of the design’s basic principles, with DGNB Gold certification being aimed at.

A central conclusion of the architectural competition is that the building section at Opernplatz cannot be integrated meaningfully into the new build. For example, the existing steep flight of stairs leading to the first floor makes barrier-free access to the Corporate Headquarters very difficult. For this reason, HOCHTIEF requested permission from the City of Essen to completely dismantle the entire area for building the new Corporate Headquarters. The authorities are currently considering it.

The employees working at Opernplatz are currently relocating to the office premises at Alfredstraße 236. All Opernplatz offices are planned to have been vacated by mid-December 2019. The dismantling measures are intended to start in March 2020.

You can find selected visualizations of the new Corporate Headquarters on Indoor.