Trams no. 8, 16, 25, 52 and 54 will return to their regular route after nearly two and a half months, when in September the tram transport was first tied up in the section Nádraží Libeň – Starý Hloubětín and in the last twenty days also in the section Starý Hloubětín – Lehovec.

Thanks to the reconstruction, which took only 73 days, tram transport in this section of the route will be smoother, much more quiet and safer. Reconstruction of the tramline encompassed the section from the junction Čerpadlová to the junction Poděbradská – Průmyslová – Kbelská, the total length was 1 885 m, namely in the both directions. Three pairs of tram stops have also been given a new look (Podkovářská, U Elektry and Nademlejnská) and a new tram stop called Kubešova has been built.