Construction of the second building of the ČSOB headquarters in Radlice started

In the Výmolova Street, right across from the existing ČSOB headquarters building in the immediate vicinity of the Radlická Metro Station in Praha 5, works have started on construction of the second building of the bank. At the end of 2018, 1 400 employees of the bank are to move into it. The existing building in Radlice is in the long term regarded as one of the greenest buildings in our country. In terms of environmental friendliness and state-of-the-art technologies, the new head office is expected to even surpass it.

“The new building is designed as exceptionally forward-looking and nature-friendly. It is not only sensitively embedded in the hillside over the Radlická Street so as not to steal the show to the green slopes of the valley, but it is mainly designed for the lowest energy consumption possible, which will be gained for the HVAC by heat pumps from a system of drillholes. The new building and the existing one will together form a varied and mutually complementary working environment providing maximum comfort and flexibility for work. Moreover, thanks to moving the subsidiaries of the ČSOB group to one place we will streamline our cooperation and improve its efficiency even more,” Petr Knapp, member of the Board of Directors and Head Manager of ČSOB, says.

The bank has also completed sale of all buildings in Prague it used to occupy, for their operation was rather costly. So for the group the new headquarters building will entail significant financial savings. The building has been designed by the design office Chalupa architekti and the construction project has been awarded to HOCHTIEF CZ. “Preparation and execution of such a contract – extraordinary both in terms of architecture and technology – is an opportunity for us to prove again how skilled our project teams are and also that our company can manage as complex projects as this one. It also is a chance for us to use experience in projects covering the whole life cycle of buildings, thus using the most advanced process of data creation and management – BIM. The building has been designed and will be constructed in such a way so as to meet the highest LEED Platinum certification requirements,” Tomáš Bílek, Chairman of the Executive Board of HOCHTIEF CZ, has stated.  

The construction is still at the beginning. Once relocations and reconnections of utilities will have been completed, earthworks will follow, specifically excavation of the foundation pit and boring a field of structural and energy piles. “The construction works will be carried out with maximum respect to the surroundings. Moreover, the construction is subject to strict regulations defined in the building permit,” Petr Knapp concludes.