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The original footbridge was connecting the squares Palackého náměstí and Žižkovské náměstí in the town centre and it was the main access way for the kids coming to the House for Children and Young People (Dům dětí a mládeže). Due to height of the footbridge above the water level, it used to be flooded several times a year and eventually it was pulled down by a flood.

The new footbridge will be situated approximately at the place of the original footbridge. Its location is adapted to the reconstructed bridgehead at Stará radnice and it crosses the riverbed of Blanice slightly askew. The lower edge of the structure is designed 0,5 m above 100-year water level to which all of the flood protection measures being part of the project “Increasing the capacity of the Blanice river in a nature-friendly way in the urban area of the town of Vlašim” are designed.

The main load bearing feature of the footbridge are two arches that also form the footbridge handrail. The footbridge is fixed in anchor holes on both banks of the Blanice river. The construction is executed for the investor Povodí Vltavy, sp. by Division Building Bohemia of the company HOCHTIEF CZ a. s. to a design drawn up by the company Hydroprojekt a. s.