Boring on the tunnel Považský Chlmec were successfully completed

On Thursday, August 11th, the last meted was driven on the tunnel Považský Chlmec on the highway D3 in the section Žilina (Strážov) – Žilina (Brodno).

Remaining driving works took place on the northern tunnel pipe in the direction from the eastern portal, which had to be additionally adjusted due to the soil conditions. The slope had to be significantly strengthened and the system of driving had to be also adjusted. All measures proposed by our competence center have proven as effective and the remaining part of the driving works took place without any problems. Both tunnel pipes in the overall length of 4,4 km were driven without extraordinary event and in high quality.

On the same date we have also completed 3 km of final tunnel lining from the total 4,4 km.