The series of lectures was opened by Ing. Vlastimil Šrůma, the Executive Director of the Czech Concrete Society, in the Ceremonial Hall of the National Memorial. After a short welcome speech and acknowledgment to the sponsors, Ing. Tomáš Šantavý from the company Project Studio for Architecture and Civil Engineering ltd. (Projektový ateliér pro architekturu a pozemní stavby) took the floor. He acquainted the attendees with the history of the Memorial and with the reconstruction in the eighties of the last century, which he compared to the comprehensive reconstruction in the years 2007 to 2009. Then his colleague, Ing. Tomáš Šedina, a designer, informed on the objectives and technical parameters of the recent reconstruction.
After the introductory lectures Mr Tomáš Sibřina had his turn. He had been project team manager of HOCHTIEF CZ, responsible for the comprehensive reconstruction of the Memorial, and he informed of it in detail.
All rooms in the premises were reconstructed for they had been damaged due to maintenance neglect, improper construction works performed in the fifties of the 20th century and wear and tear of some materials. There is marble tiling and flooring in many rooms of the Memorial. The floors had suffered mechanical damage and abrasion in the past. The tiling on the walls and columns had been in good condition, still it was also repaired during the reconstruction and the brickwork underneath it was checked. Tiles removed from the Ceremonial Hall were used for the repair.

Mr Sibřina informed also on the reconstruction of the exterior of the Memorial. The building envelope had to be repaired because there had been much damage to it caused by climatic conditions. It was also necessary to repair the roofing, replace the skylight and to repair the walkways. The structures of the Eternal Flames, retaining walls and stone paving in the area of the Court of Honour and the adjacent terraces were repaired as well and the bottom layer was refilled.

The eastern wing of the premises – where the former Mausoleum of Klement Gottward had been located – was rebuilt too. The rooms on the first storey were connected and one exhibition hall was formed. Over it is a newly built glass construction housing a museum café.
Historically valuable windows, doors and lights in the Memorial were repaired, the other objects of art and craft were restored. So was the stone paving and tiling. The parquetry on the floor was completely replaced with new according to the original design.
After the comprehensive lecture of Mr Sibřina, Mgr. Marek Junek, Ph.D., a representative of the National Museum, familiarized the attendees with the past, present and planned purpose and use of the premises of the Memorial.

55th Concrete Tuesday was a unique experience, also thanks to our company, and the guests will certainly remember it for a long time.