20 years of HOCHTIEF in the Czech Republic, 80 years of existence on the Czech market

This year, HOCHTIEF CZ is celebrating two important anniversaries. It will be 80 years since the writing of our corporate history has started and 20 years since HOCHTIEF became our majority shareholder

The prosperous Baťa factories needed new production facilities and it was decided that these should be built in Southern Bohemia, in the town of Sezimovo Ústí. Over 500 workers have worked on the construction of the facilities and these were converged in a civil engineering department. When the Baťa company was nationalized in 1945, this department was taken out of the company and after re-organization became the national enterprise Vodní stavby.

In 1999, i.e. 20 years ago, another important change occurred – entry of a new majority shareholder, the supranational HOCHTIEF Group. Just like all other national branches the Czech HOCHTIEF obtained its current suffix CZ.

Over the decades of its existence the company participated on the construction of many amazing projects. Among the most important ones are massive water damsa Lipno, Orlík, Nechranice or Slapy. In the 1980s it was entasked with the construction of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. In more current history, the company has built e.g. the International Air Traffic Control Cener in Jenč near Prague, New Theater in Pilsen, reconstruction of the Vítkovice Stadium or participated on the completion of Line A of the Prague Subway