Tunnelling works at Považský Chlmec Tunnel on the D3 Highway started

Ceremony of placing a statue of Saint Barbara started construction of Považský Chlmec Tunnel on the D3 Highway Žilina, Strážov – Žilina, Brodno. The highway stretch is built by a JV of companies EUROVIA SK (member of EUROVIA CS group), HOCHTIEF CZ and SMS. The client is Národná diaľničná spoločnosť.

Považský Chlmec Tunnel is a part of priority highway network D1 – D3 on the route Bratislava – Trenčín – Skalité with connection to Poland, turning to the Czech Republic, and on south with connection to Hungary and Austria.  

Once the highway is completed, it will reduce the heavy traffic on the existing sections, mainly on roads I/11 and I/18. By diverting traffic outside Žilina, travelling from north to south, both on the national and international highway network, will become smoother and faster and economic potential of the Kysuce region will be enhanced. Last but not least, the new highway will bring about reduction of noise and emissions in the urban areas. In the section Žilina, Strážov – Žilina, Brodno a 2.2 km long Považský Chlmec Tunnel with dual carriageway will be built. The project comprises also two bridge structures; one of them is a challenging 1.4 km long flyover over the reservoir Hričovská priehrada. The new highway stretch will be connected to the road network with two interchanges Strážov and Brodno.

“The tunnel consists of two 2-lane tunnel tubes, each of which is 2.2 km long. The tunnelling will be carried out simultaneously at six sites – faces. Four faces from the central pit and two from the West and subsequently from the East portal. The driving works are being started step by step from February 2015. The first westbound tunnelling was started on 16 February 2015 and the other eastbound tunnelling on 3 March 2015. Further tunnelling works will be gradually started until the end of April 2015. Then, more than 200 tunnel workers from all corners of the Slovak Republic will be driving the tunnel 24/7 by means of special technology. We assume that the tunnelling works will be completed by summer 2016,” said Vít Pastrňák, Project Manager from HOCHTIEF CZ, who is responsible for construction of the tunnel.

Saint Barbara is worshipped as a protector from killing by lightning strike, fire and risk of sudden death. Therefore, she is a patroness of miners, artillerymen, pyrotechnicians, architects, mathematicians and other risky professions, but also of children. Commencement of the tunnelling is thus traditionally associated with the act of sanctification of a statue of Saint Barbara.  

Basic information on the construction

Investor: Národná diaľničná spoločnosť

Contractor: JV D3 Žilina (Strážov) – Žilina (Brodno)

JV members: EUROVIA SK a.s. (member of EUROVIA CS group), HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., SMS a.s. (Stavby mostov Slovakia)

Construction period: 1 095 days

Highway section: D3 km 6.800 – 11.100

Category: D 24.5/80 on open road, T 7.5/80 in tunnel

Total length of the route/km/: 4.250

Length of bridges/km/: 3.866 (both directions); 3 bridge structures (thereof 1 flyover, 1 temporary bridge)

Length of tunnels/m/: Northern tunnel 2 252.5; Southern tunnel 2 189.4