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The project consists of the reconstruction of the sludge management of the water treatment plant Plav and ensuring the quality of water during its distribution through the long distance mains to the end users.

Ing. Radka Bučilová from the Ministry of Regional Development CR came to Plav by České Budějovice for the occasion. She explained to the guests the connections of the project with the European Union. Also amongst the present was Antonín Princ, Chairman of the Executive Board of Southern Bohemian Waterworks Association, the investor of the project. For the joint venture supplying the construction called Drinking Water of Southern Bohemia the representative of the leader of the joint venture, Ing. Ondřej Vitha, the director of Division Bohemia of joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ attended to the guests. The representatives of the two other members of the joint venture from the companies Karl Weiss and Brochier participated as well.

The part of the event was a symbolical presentation of an award in the competition Presta Southern Bohemia 2004-2006 for progressive technology of the reconstruction of the sludge management of the water treatment plants. The award was handed over to Antonín Princ by Ing. Ondřej Vitha.

The next on the schedule was the tour of the completed project, which the participants found most interesting. They learned that clean water is partially returning back to the river and partially back into the cleaning process. The sludge thus obtained is not deposited in the disposals, as was the case with the previous method, but is used for composting. Another matter of interest is that, as well as by very exact technologies, the quality of water is safeguarded by trout, very sensitive to any change of the quality of water.

The completed project is a great contribution to the environmental protection of Southern Bohemia.