After a quarterly sharp run the car plant TPCA, a joint plant of Toyota and group PSA Peugeot Citroën, was ceremonially opened in Ovčáry, Kolín region, on 31st May 2005 in attendance of the leading representatives of the Czech government and the top management of the groups.

The company HOCHTIEF VSB a.s. participated in the project for the client Toyota Tsusho S.A. by supplying technical preparation, equipment and construction installation of systems related to color-mixing and circulation of car-paint mixes with low and high viscosity. These systems provide various types and colors of paints for both manual and robotized workplaces. In addition the joint-plant team also installed a dry air system which feeds various systems requiring dry air, i.e. robots.
The company HOCHTIEF VSB was represented by the deputy of the project manager Ing. Jaroslav Koutenský from the Division 1.

TPCA will create 3000 direct job positions and further 7000 new positions will be created in servicing and with subcontractors. Thousands of Czech employees in the plant TPCA and with subcontractors will be trained in the most efficient production methods lately existing in the whole world. The benefit for the Czech Republic is also, for example, import of modern technologies and transfer of production know-how which is something the world copies from Toyota. With the aim to secure top specialists for the key positions within the company, TPCA has already contacted the Technical University of Prague (ČVUT Praha) and it intends to cooperate with further technical colleges.

The plant in Kolín will release only a limited part of its annual production of small Peugeot, Citroën and Toyota cars for the Czech market. In case of Toyota the objection is primarily to promote the position of the car make in Europe where currently its share is only 5 per cent. All despite over 100 thousand cars will be produced in 2005. Full capacity, i.e. approximately 300 thousand cars per year, will be reached in 2006.