We pull at the same end of the rope
The first of three new stations called Střížkov is being constructed by the group of enterprises HOCHTIEF VSB Division 8 and ŽS Brno. The steel construction of the above ground station area designed by Ing. Arch. Patrik Kotas will dominate the station, its two main hogging girders with the span of 150 m use tension support system and carry both peripheral and central girders of glass roof. The lower construction of the station is designed as a standard ferroconcrete construction.

Use of the Berlin Wall Technology
Prior to the station construction the pilot heading works have been carried out to relocate the utilities – especially the main district heating pipeline originally crossing the station line. The actual construction works started in November 2004 and used the foundation pit support system in form of the Berlin Wall Technology with two points and three anchoring levels. The excavation slopes of the relatively uneven pit base have been supported by shotcrete, the same technique has been used for the excavation slopes of the future eastern front of the station. In the middle of this year’s January the actual excavation of the foundation pit with 95 thousand cubic meter of excavated material started. Both the earthwork and the insulation of foundation slabs at the actual station object are currently finished.

This year’s end will see the internal construction works at the station
The works on the ferroconcrete load bearing construction of the lower structure started in July 2005 and some 70% are already finished. The insulation works on station’s walls and ceilings have started along with the completion of the load bearing constructions. Maximum effort is put into the completion of the lower structure ferroconcrete constructions until January next year, so that it would be possible to start the assembly of primary steel structure and pouring of concrete for the rail footing. The turn of the year is also going to be the initial date for internal construction works at the station. Herewith the construction should be ready for installation of utilities.

Project Figures and Data
Project start: 06/ 2004
Project completion: 09/ 2007
Starting operation: 04/ 2008
Earthwork: 110,000 m3
Ferroconcrete load bearing construction: 16,000 m3
Primary steel structure: 1,100 t
Roofing: 4,000 m2
Façade: 3,200 m2