"The duration of the construction was really short, but due to our extensive experience in similar projects, we never doubted our success,” Ing. Jan Jakeš, the Commercial Director of Division 8 said. HOCHTIEF VSB acquired this project through a tender.
The execution of this project was under the leadership of the team of the Operational Director Zdeněk Handrejch, Head of the Project Team Ing. Aleš Benda, Site Manager Jan Křístek and the preparation was headed by Martin Havlín.

The new production hall with a total investment of 200 million CZK is located on the premises of the company Siemens Elektromotory, s.r.o., in Mohelnice and on these premises the company v Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems (SBTS) will commence the production of busbar systems from the beginning of the next year. An employment opportunity will be provided for approximately 150 people. SBTS, along with other companies from the Siemens group in the Czech Republic, will thus be enabled to make use of the available procurement, accounting and HR services.

During the financial year of 2004/2005, which has ended on September 30th, 2005, the group Siemens ČR has further extended its successful presence in the Czech Republic. Its total turnover has increased from last year’s 46 billion to 49.5 billion. The share of production on the total turnover exceeded 70%, which once again proves the company’s longstanding and important position among the top Czech producers. Its employee numbers increased by more than two thousand: from last year’s 12 thousand to more than 14 thousand.

By September 30th, the Siemens group consisted of 24 companies in the Czech Republic, in 14 of which Siemens had a 100% share. The positive development of the group’s economy is backed by significant investments, which Siemens permanently awards into the development of its local competences, both in production capacities and in provision of services. One of such investments was the extension of production in Mohelnice.

"We’re glad that we can offer to the people of your region employment opportunities through our extended production. Our priority is to concentrate on effective production, logistics and top quality products,” said Vladan Hlaváč, SBTS Production Plant Director.
Busbar systems are designed for transfer and distribution of energy. They are used in industrial halls, supermarkets and commercial centers. The Mohelnice plant will prepare tin-plated aluminum and copper conductors, welding and assembly of busbars and exit boxes.

Siemens belongs among the biggest global electrical engineering concerns. It is the only company that covers virtually the entire scope of electrical engineering and electronics. It operates in more than 190 countries and employs 461 thousand people.