The stadium will be located on a green field site consisting of a complex of buildings to be known as the ‘Na Skalce’ Sports Centre. The first stage of construction has been proposed in such a manner so as to ease into subsequent phases as straight-forwardly as possible.

The ice rink of the winter stadium will be open to the public from mid September to mid May. The facility will then be used for other sports activities during the summer months. The hall has primarily been designed and is intended for sports purposes; if used for other than mentended functions (ice rink operations), it would be necessary to adapt the premises' technical parameters accordingly. The office will also serve as a first aid room and be furnished with a bed, medical equipment and supplies for possible injuries.

As a matter of interest, the stadium has not been designed for extremely loud performances like for those of rock bands because of noise level limitations concerning the nearby Integrated Technical School. The winter stadium has been designed to house 600 spectators, with seating for 556 of that number.

HOCHTIEF VSB is a member of the international construction services group HOCHTIEF, and it ranks amongst the biggest construction companies in the Czech Republic. As a company, it fully meets and realises the intentions of its customers in all spheres of the construction industry. It supplies building materials relating to the areas of housing, civil, industrial, energy, ecological, water-utilisation, line and road constructions in all regions of the Czech Republic.

Completion of the Czech Airlines Catering buildings and the building of the CR Air Traffic Control at the National Integrated Air Traffic Control Centre (IATCC) in Jeneč near Prague feature among the most remarkable constructions carried out by HOCHTIEF VSB this year.