The roof, arching without a single pillar, is of steel structure, coated by corrugated sheet metal and a roof foil; for the ceiling, i.e. the visible inner part, the wood of Canadian Cedar will be used, being one of the lightest and longest lasting of the soft woods in the world with volume mass of 350 kg/m3.

The preparation of the steel parts of the roof, where the lighting and speaker system is to be installed, was started at the beginning of July. It was preassembled on the ground – the future pitch, and the installation itself was started by HOCHTEF CZ in the last week of August (this morning).

The assembly is divided into two stages: the first will be completed in mid October, after this the crane needs to leave the site, as it would otherwise remain trapped inside after the completion of the roof structure. The second stage will take till the mid November of this year. The last part of the roof will be put in its place from outside.

The roof will be suitable for walking to allow the repairs and maintenance – for that purpose there will be a service rope for security of the workers while working on the roof.