The investor of the stated project is the company E-SIDE PROPERTY Limited, the general contractor of the construction is the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ. The construction has been commenced by the site takeover in the middle of September last year, the start of earth works was foreshadowed by ceremonial tapping on the foundation stone on October 16th, 2006.

The stadium foundations have been under construction since November last year, having 603 piles altogether, 443 pieces of which will bear the reinforced concrete prefab stand structure and 160 piles will bear the monolithic stadium structure. 460 piles have been completed by now. The piles reach up to the length of 19 meters and their quality is checked by ultrasonic and acoustic reflection method. Thanks to this the quality and positioning of the concrete can be exactly determined. Apart from the pile foundation, grading of the grounds is still running. Approximately 30 000 m³ of earth has been drawn up to now. On the graded terrain a reinforced concrete foundation slab of the stadium basement floor will be laid.

Preparation works for the assembly of reinforced concrete prefab stadium structures have started in January. The assembly will last until the end of June, this year. The first pole was attached on one of the piles in the north-east part of the stadium.

In the near future the monolithic part will be executed, including the restaurant, fitness centre, offices and other background of the stadium. The rough structure will be finished in September this year.

The pole installed today is 3 meters high and weights 2 tons.
For the pile foundation about 3 500 m³ of concrete have been used so far, 900 m³ still remain to be used.
Length of piles varies from 3 to 19 meters.
The total length of executed piles is 4,6 km, 1,5 km remains to be done.