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The range of goods by Hügli Food s.r.o. is produced and stored in production and storage halls that have been previously built for them by our company. However, the capacity isn’t sufficient and the company decided to build an annex to both halls. Hügli Food s.r.o produces dry and chocolate mixes – these are actually mixes for production of soups, desserts, etc. After the completion of this project in May this year, the investor plans to double the production compared to the current status, i.e. up to 8,000 tons mixes per year.

The new production hall with both its ground plan and height connects to the current two-storeyed building. The main part of the ground floor is occupied by the production plant with dry mix packaging machines. The newly designed built-in has a total of 4 height levels connected by a two-flight staircase. There will be a laboratory, maintenance shop, crate washing facility, extended compressor room and supervisor room, storage for packaging and extended packing hall connecting with the current one on the first floor. The space on the second floor shall connect with the current production and handling area. New mixing rooms are designed to be situated on the third floor. The escape stairway at the western façade of the building represents a significant element freshening up the bare industrial look of the façade.

The new storehouse is designed as a rectangle with ground plan measurements of approx. 64 x 27 m and has no windows because of the stored range of goods. On the ground floor level it is connected with the current storehouse through two openings for passage of handling machinery and staff with electrically operated security fire shutters. Most of the storehouse space will be taken up by longitudinal rack rows.

The storehouse structure itself is getting close to the protection zone boundary of the nearby standing trees, but doesn’t reach this zone. As a result of unfavourable geological conditions the substructure of the hall uses bored piles and the load is then spread out from the building all the way to the bedrock with no negative impact on the protected trees. On the other hand, the proposed fencing follows the boundary of the investor’s premises, pedestrian routes and storm sewers inside the premises and reaches the protection zone. However, all construction works will be carried out in order to avoid any damage to the root system of the trees.

It is also important that the visibility of the newly constructed halls from a long distance won’t have any adverse influence upon landscape quality.