This project consists of three constructions and is divided into two stages. Stage One comprises the reconstruction of the House of Army in Prague and includes the construction of a communication corridor between the General Staff and the House of Army in Prague. Stage Two deals with the reconstruction of the facilities of the General Staff of the Army.

The construction works themselves within the scope of reconstruction will follow after elimination and disconnection of all installations, including disassembly of the interior equipment and the technologies used so far, for example the air-conditioning system, etc.

The works within the scope of Stage One will proceed gradually until May 2007. The beginning of the next stage is scheduled for October 31, 2006 and its completion is presumed in July 2008.

The construction of the General Staff (originally the Main Staff) of the Czech Army started at the Vítězné náměstí circle in the Prague quarter of Dejvice in 1935. It was completed two years later and it served its intended purpose until 1939. During occupation by Nazi Germany, one floor housed the Staff for liquidation of the Czechoslovak military power and, later on, the Inspectorate of the Government Troops. However, the major part of the building was seized by the military occupational authorities. The Main Staff was returned back to the Czechs in 1945. In 1950, it was re-named to the General Staff and this name is used up to this day.

The buildings of the General Staff have not undergone any major modifications since they have been built. Due to technological and technical obsolescence of the buildings, restoration of cabling, air-conditioning, roof and other elements on the building will have to be made to comply with up-to-date standards. The reconstruction will lead to energy savings, lower operational costs and better ecological operation of the buildings.