The construction company HOCHTIEF VSB has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the anti-flood barriers around the Staroměstská Underground Station, through the installation of rust-proof and granite sills along the roads and pavements, to seal the spaces between buildings. In the event of flooding, 23 cm-high barrier-sections can be inserted into these sills.

All the anti-flood measures that have been put into place, since the catastrophic floods of 2002, were erected and tested in their actual environment and in real time, over the weekend. These exercises, organised by the City of Prague, and supported by the city’s safety and rescue system units, were commenced on Friday, 22 July, at 7:30pm. The tactical exercises were intended to demonstrate the time required to erect and activate all the anti-flood measures, so that a realistic model can be prepared, for use by the individual safety and rescue system units, in the event that the city is under threat.