Two of the awards were handed over to the successful authors of studies by the Chairman of the Executive Board and General Director of HOCHTIEF VSB Ing. Tomáš Bílek. “We feel responsibility for the space, in which we are living and which we create also through our construction activities. We distinctly identify with the thoughts that gave rise to this competition. It is an honour for us to be able to support a project that gives our cities a chance to increase the quality of public premises,” said Tomáš Bílek.

This architectonic competitions is annually announced, with the consent of the Czech Chamber of Architects, by the Petr Parléř company, which is a welfare company that systematically supports humanization of cities and municipalities and supports the development of architecture and care of the environment. In spring 2005, the organizers of the competition have called upon Czech cities to submit their ideas for the adjustment of public premises and building in public administration, which according to their consideration could become a subject of the architectonic competition. A total of 202 cities were addressed, out of which 39 applied and 12 became part of the competition. These were the following: Bílovec, Bohumín, Čerčany, Jičín, Kadaň, Lanškroun, Mimoň, Nová Paka, Prostějov, Šumperk, Varnsdorf, Vimperk.

The architectonic competition has brought forward a total of 14 studies, from which the Evaluating Committee awarded four with a partial award. The main Petr Parléř award was not awarded. The partial awards were shared by two studies dealing with a topic assigned by Nová Paka . The first was performed by last year’s holders of the Petr Parléř Award, Vladimír Vašut and Viktor Vlach and the second was performed by Milan Balúsek and Matěj Parma. The next partial award was achieved by Lukáš Bargel and Václav Čihák for the proposal to adjust the Edmund Husserl Square in v Prostějov. The fourth award was received by Lenka Křemenová and David Maštálka for the reconstruction of the Community Center of Čerčany and surrounding areas.

All architectonic studies, regardless of their ranking in the competition, will be handed to the cities free of charge for further use.

According to the Vice-Chairman of the Administrative Committee of Petr Parléř, Allan Gintel, the fourth annual competition, which is to be announced this March, will bring a whole range of innovations. The most significant will be the “big topic”, which the Evaluating Committee will choose from inputs sent by the cities and which will become a part of an independent creative competition aiming to acquire a larger number of architects. The results will then be published in the regional press with the request to the public to vote for the best submissions. The winner will then be determined by the vote of the representation based on the statement of the Evaluating Committee.