The new workplace of the hospital Nemocnice Jindřichův Hradec offers single- or twin-bedded rooms with washrooms to future mothers. There are ten beds and the number can be increased up to fourteen. In two above-standard rooms future fathers can spend the whole time together with their partners for 500 CZK a day and relatives of pregnant women can enjoy a very pleasant environment.

Construction works of the second stage on the object dated from the turn of 19th and 20th century were commenced by the Division Bohemia. After establishing of the new Division Moravia the project passed into their competence. Works started on 1st July last year, and the completed object was handed over to the investor: Nemocnice Jindřichův Hradec on 31st January, this year. On Friday 16th February the operation of the maternity hospital was ceremonially started.

The reconstructed building is situated in the northern part of the grounds, directly opposite of the main entrance. It is one of the oldest objects of the whole hospital. It includes the main pavilion and an extension, which were re-built several times. Inner original brickwork, floors and ceilings were reconstructed during the second stage. As for the extension there were changes of disposition of individual rooms, because an operation different from the original one was established. Wiring was changed and air-conditioning was newly installed in the birth theatres. The interior of all spaces is harmonized in order to be more pleasant for future mothers as well as for the hospital personnel. Heat-insulation and new plasters were executed in buildings to make them more economic in terms of energy consumption.