The results of the "Building 2005" contest were announced in Prague on Žofín on September 20th. The National Integrated Air Traffic Control Centre of the Air Navigation Services in Jeneč near Prague is one of the five awarded projects.
The professional jury of the contest awarded the title for technical, technological and architectural accomplishment of the unique building taking into account the magnificence of its interior. The investor of this ambitious project is the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, a state-owned enterprise. The general contractor of construction work was HOCHTIEF VSB Division 8. The project designer is Ing. Arch. Viktor Tuček from Stopro atelier.

Development of the air navigation increases significantly and confirms the dynamic development of the civil aviation in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe. On the basis of the preliminary statistics of the European Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) the Czech Republic is clearly on the first place among 34 member countries in the growth of air traffic (expressed in ferry units).

Also from this point of view it was obvious that under the current conditions with further increase it is not further possible to ensure the quality and safety of all activities connected with the air navigation. That is why the design of the new centre, which would not only meet all current requirements, but would be able to meet also future ones, was prepared. Modern communication technologies then made it possible to build it outside the airport, near Jeneč municipality, in the area of the current transmitting centre which is about six kilometres away from Ruzyně airport.

HOCHTIEF VSB Division 8 performed the work between June 2003 and April 2005. On the built-up area of 8860 m2 a campus consisting of several basic units, was constructed. Apart from the air navigation service facilities it also includes technical and administrative base of Air Navigation Services and a car park. The enclosed volume is almost 130 thousand m3. The construction part cost approximately 1 billion CZK.

The IATCC project is remarkable and unique not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole Europe. The latest technologies with maximum security are used there. After their demanding test operation and check of the navigation system the whole complex should be put into full operation at the beginning of 2007. The centre will provide air navigation services in the airspace of the Czech Republic and at the Ruzyně airport.
The purpose of the new centre is to create quality environment and infrastructure in order to provide air navigation services and conditions for its further development. From this point of view the IATCC Prague represents an effective solution for ensuring necessary capacities on the top European level in the horizon going well beyond 2015.
The architectonic goal was to create a supertemporal, representative complex of buildings, which will be equipped with the latest navigation technologies and which will at the same time provide the employees with quality and pleasant working environment. The constructed facility will become the new seat of the enterprise.

HOCHTIEF VSB, namely the Division 8 participates in building projects in the area of Airport Prague Ruzyně for the Czech Airports Authority and Czech Airlines investors. For the Czech Airports Authority it realized the above-ground Parking C for 3200 automobile parking spaces, which was wisely included in the previous stage of the airport construction and during the present realization of the construction of the new terminal it solved the replacement for cancelled ground parking spaces. Also the construction of the Cargo terminal for ČSA was interesting experience for the company particularly because of its short construction time. The realization took ten and half months with the beginning in the winter. Also the Catering project, which was finished at the end of May of this year, was a kind of remarkable – the reconstruction was carried out without interruption of the twenty-four-hour operation of meal preparations. At the present the construction of Pier C in Terminal North II is in its final stage.

HOCHTIEF VSB ranks among the biggest construction companies of the Czech Republic. It provides to its customers a comprehensive and quality realization of their projects. Technically demanding or architectonically interesting projects include, for example, administrative buildings of BB Centre Alpha and Beta in Prague, finished not long ago, and already mentioned buildings in the area of the Airport Prague-Ruzyně implemented by Division 8. Also construction of spent fuel storage for the Dukovany nuclear power station, which is realized by Division 1, is worth noticing.