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Ludgeřovice is almost completely connected to the sanitary sewer system


Michal Talian

Representatives of the companies in a joint venture HOCHTIEF CZ, EUROVIA CS and VOKD today ceremonially handed over to the client – Ludgeřovice municipality – a newly built sanitary sewer system.

Construction of the sanitary sewer system in the Moravian-Silesian village with 4,800 inhabitants was started in 2012. Over the next two years, the constructors laid almost 30 km of pipelines and connected approximately 1,050 households. Benefits from the newly completed sewerage thus have 4,200 citizens of the Ludgeřovice village.

“The municipality was forced to build the separate sanitary sewer system due to the commitment of the Czech Republic to have sewer systems in all villages with over 2,000 inhabitants by the end of 2012. Nevertheless, I believe that the citizens will appreciate the sewerage especially in relation to improvement of environment in the village. It is the costliest event in history of the village; total eligible and non-eligible costs for the sewerage that will be included in the municipal assets amount to CZK 412,146,054.19. However, it should be noted that we received more than CZK 312 million from subsidies from the EU Cohesion Fund, the State Environmental Fund and the Moravian-Silesian Region. Own resources of the municipality related to the implementation of the sewerage since 1998, starting with the technical and economic study, are then in the amount of CZK 99,999,200.65. I also have to appreciate the work of all those who participated in the construction. Contrary to the initial assumptions, we managed to shorten and significantly cheapen the construction,” said the Mayor of Ludgeřovice Mgr. Daniel Havlík.   

Construction of sewerage in Ludgeřovice was one of the more challenging implementations, because Ludgeřovice is situated in complex glacial areas with very variable geology that, among other things, made it necessary to redesign the main sewer in the course of the implementation. The entire construction thus had to be continuously monitored by a geologist and hydrogeologist who participated in selection of the appropriate technology by using a ground-penetrating radar. In the valley floodplain of the Ludgeřovice creek, the works were implemented completely below the groundwater level where water had to be continuously pumped out, at some sections also with the help of deep drainage using pumping drills with a depth of 5 – 7 meters. During the construction, technology of microtunnelling was also used that was implemented under the supervision of the Bureau of Mines.  

“Laying the sewerage in such a large scope and in complicated conditions represents a major challenge for every company. Apart from the complex geological conditions, we had to cooperate with pyrotechnicians too, because there was intensive fighting in the area at the end of WW2 and local witnesses advised possibility of finding unexploded ammunition near one of the sewers. At the announced location, small ammunition and one mortar bomb were really found,” added the Commercial Director of Division Building Moravia of the company HOCHTIEF CZ Ing. Martin Stančík.

Implementation of the project officially named “Sanitary sewerage system in lower Ludgeřovice and upper Ludgeřovice – stage II” took from November 2012 to March 2015. The total price of the work has reached to almost CZK 380 million. The client was Ludgeřovice municipality.