The tube is driven through in full length of the top part of its section, in the calotte. This completed the first stage of the construction of the tube, which is often accompanied by the increased risk of the damage of lining or accidents due to the change of stability of the rock, through which the tunnel is driven. No such problems have occurred. St. Barbora, patron saint of the miners, cannoneers and people, who work with explosives, whose statuette is placed in the end portal of the tunnel in Lochkov, held her protective hand over the work of the tunnellers.

In February 2008 also the calotte of the other tunnel tube – two-lane tunnel, should be borne through. However, this will not be the end to driving in the tunnel. The tunnellers are yet to complete the driving of the bottom parts of the tunnels, the core. This will be done in May next year.

The underground space created by the driving will draw attention of each visitor by its impressive size and volume. The consequent works of inserting the permanent structures of reinforced concrete lining and the road surface will then decrease the size of the space.

Part of the Prague Ring Road between Slivenec and Lahovice is constructed by the joint venture of the construction companies STRABAG a.s. (34 % in the JV), HOCHTIEF Construction AG (33 % in the JV) and Max Bögl a Josef Krýsl, limited partnership (33 % in JV). The investor of the project is Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR. This part will be one of the sections of the south west part of the Prague Ring Road between D1 and D5.

In the marking system of Prague Ring Road, the construction has a designation “Construction no. 514 Lahovice Slivenec” and it is one of the sections of the future connection of the motorways D1 (towards Brno) and D5 (towards Plzeň). The whole interconnection consists of construction no. 512 „Motorway D1 – Vestec“, construction no. 513 „Vestec – Lahovice“ and section construction no. 515 between Slivenec and Třebonice, already in use.

Construction of the tunnels between Lochkov and Radotín commenced in June 2006 and their completion is planned for the end of 2008. After the construction the installation of the technology will follow, taking till October 2009. The driving of the tunnel Marie itself, named after its patron Ing. Marie Nádvorníková from Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR, commenced on December 4th, 2006..