The completed building with commercial and administration areas will have one underground and six above ground floors, topped by the seventh floor founded on a part of the object. The complex with L-shaped floor plan will get a glazed façade sectioned by a raster of prefabricated reinforced concrete components, with a surface of the face concrete quality. The glazed facades on southern, eastern and western side will be shaded by exterior blinds against direct sunshine.

There will be two atriums inside the building, roofed by a glazed roof. The bigger one will be on the level of the third above ground floor, where the adjoining offices will be oriented. There will be trees and plants in the space, as greenery brought inside the building will provide the necessary rest area. The second atrium will be on the level of the fourth above ground floor and it will be interconnected with the neighbouring corridors.

The built up area of the object will be 4 688 m2 and the enclosure 103 530 m3. There will be 135 parking stands, seven of them intended for handicapped people.
Currently all earth works, foundations, reinforced concrete structures of the foundation slab and of one underground and six above ground floors are completed, whilst the assembly of the prefabricated façade and the glazed façade, as well as the assembly of the roof deck, heating, cooling, air-conditioning, sanitary installations, wiring and painting works are running. Plaster works, paving and cladding will be started very soon.

All construction works progress in such a way to meet the planned deadline for the construction handover, November of this year.

Note: "Glajcha" is an expression derived from the German word "richtfest" – meaning celebration of the rough construction. The lexicon of words with foreign origin states even several meanings. It can represent the act of completing the structure up to the roof level, a decorated tree fitted to the roof truss during the celebration of completion of the rough structure, or it can mean a rough completion of a work task. The tree symbolizes good luck and protection of the house and its future occupants. The tradition has it that the proprietor offers refreshments to everybody who worked on the site during the “glajcha” festival.