"Development companies have already understood that they should take good care of their clients and attend to them. That was also the reason our company started building up the client´s centre," says the director of the Division Property Development of the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ, Ing. Petr Smékal. "Well informed employees will tend to the clients in the centre, advising them on all details concerning the conclusion of contracts, getting a mortgage, changes to the design and other details leading to a beautiful home".

The centre with area of 160 m2 is divided into several zones so that each commercial agent can take care of his/her client in a quiet place. A large table for presentation of plans and discussing particular changes in designs according to clients´wishes will not be missing. Clients will also appreciate a so called blue box of blue glass with 3D monitor for presentation of current projects. Projects will also be elaborated in a form of 3-dimensional models which will be exhibited. Clients will be able to have a look at them and this will allow them to get a better idea of real layout of each house or flat.

Projects by the Division Property Development offer an interesting residential living especially for the middle and upper-middle class of clients. Currently these projects include:
• Apartment house Lhotka in Prague 4 – villa house with nine apartment units, the last apartment is still available,
• Project Nový Vinohrad in Prague 9 – apartment house with 77 apartment units and commercial areas, nine apartments remain to be sold,
• Project Hostivařský dvůr in Prague 15 – two apartment houses with 28 apartment units, sale was started this year in April,
• Project Na Kačence in Miškovice in Prague 9 – twenty terrace houses, five of them are sold,
• Project Zahrada Sylván in Pilsen – 16 villa houses with 218 apartments, in different stages of the constructions there are still 25 apartments available and the sale of 84 of flats remains to be started.

"The architectonic design of the client´s centre is based on interpretation of various surfaces and materials and their mutual influence," says the author of the design Ing. arch. Karel Veselý about the new space for clients of the Division Property Development.

The centre is a combination of the architectural concrete, concrete poles, white plasters complemented with large-dimension glass sheets of the distinct blue colour of the company HOCHTIEF, and of pale wood. A special BARRISOL foil, which can create any distorted area when fastened to guard bends, impart a lightness to the space.

"The intentions were topped by the fact that the client’s centre has to offer something new, not commonplace, something unique, that it should be the display place of the company with great aspirations," says Ing. arch. Veselý.