That is why the investor, municipality Velké Hydčice, decided to rectify the situation and put a new bridge in the original place. They entrusted the joint stock company HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Bohemia, Operation 1, with the execution of the project. The construction commenced in June last year.

On Tuesday, January 9th a crane with a lifting capacity of 200 t set the completed bridge in place – the setting itself took only ten minutes. The finishing works such as foundation works, construction of the drive-up ramps, completion of the bridge floor and final terrain lay out will be done by the end of May. From June this year the bridge can be use by the pedestrians and cyclists alike.

As well as the investor also surrounding municipalities, regional authority, South Bohemia Cycling Routes Foundation – Otava Cycling track and many citizens contributed towards this bridge.

Regarding the technical characteristics: The bridge is constructed as a steel structure 37 meters long, 4 meters wide and 3,5 meters high. For the bridge arch an existing structure from a dismantled bridge in Horažďovice was used. The loadbearing structure of the deck slab was constructed from the three steel segments at the place of the construction. It sits on the reinforced concrete triple piles founded on the reinforced concrete bulk footings. The ramps of steel and wood structure, 25 meters long, are made of glued wooden profiles and steel beams. The surface of the bridge floor and ramps is wooden.