Both parts of the project are carried out by a joint venture named Pitná voda Jižních Čech (South Bohemia Drinking Water) with HOCHTIEF VSB as the main JV member together with the German companies Karl Weiss and Brochier.

Today marks the official start of the project which will finish by May 31, 2007. Jihočeský vodárenský svaz (South Bohemia Waterworks Association) acts as the project investor and they’ve managed to get a subsidy for its execution from the EU Cohesion Fund and from the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.

The sludge management redevelopment target for the water treatment plan focuses on the sludge dewatering technological process applied to sludge from the drinking water production and its secondary utilization. It is designed to install the technological equipment inside the former boiler room. Following the disposal of the current equipment and the demolition of a part of the supporting ceiling above the basement there shall be created an empty space for the installation of technological equipment and connecting pipelines. The remaining part of the ceiling will be used to install a new sludge press ramp and a sludge container. In course of the redevelopment all current ferroconcrete foundations (these used to serve for the original technology) are also going to be pulled down. Pumps, two sludge thickening tanks and three homogenization tanks will be installed on the newly constructed ferroconcrete foundations. The wiring shall be also delivered as part of the technology used here.

The redevelopment should also help to guarantee the drinking water quality in the South Bohemia Waterworks System, using the water reservoirs Zdoba – Malá Varta – Sudoměřice u Bechyně - Hodušín. The rehabilitation will use the trenchless technology for internal surface treatment of the long-distance steel pipeline with a total length of 42.4 km. It will also use the line grouting (35.8 km long) and a high pressure fabric wrap (6.6 km long). Some constructional and technological repairs of 72 gate chambers, double (two arms) siphons under the River Lužnice and triple (three arms) siphons under the River Vltava are a part of the long-distance pipeline redevelopment as well.