The guests were taken care of by the anchorwoman Michaela Dolinová, who herself resides in Prosek and therefore is naturally interested how will this Prague quarter develop in future. Guests were also greeted by the representatives of the City Hall of Prague 9, and representatives of the investor, company Prosek Point, and the developer J and T Real Estate CZ were naturally present as well. The general contractor was represented by the Director of Division Prague of the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ, Ing. Luděk Vondrášek – as the project realization was entrusted to this division.

Even the project architect, Ing. arch. Karel Mrázek from the Architectonic atelier KAAMA, came to share his conception with the guests. He said he has been working on the project already since 2004, when he processed several variants of the project, from a multifunctional block type house to the variant of two administration buildings. In the end, the proposal of a complex consisting of three administration objects, suitably located in the surrounding greenery, has won.

The building site of the future complex was handed over on May 2nd this year, the week after that the preparations started and on May 28th the first earth works have been started. The investor envisages that the rough structure of the first object will be completed at the end of this year. Finalization of the whole project is planned in three gradual stages, the final date is set for the middle of 2009.

The project of Prosek Point Office Center will be erected in the immediate vicinity of the underground station Prosek on line C in direction to Letňany. It is an administration complex with rentable area circa 25 300 m2. The investor is the company Prosek Point, developer J and T Real Estate CZ, and general contractor then HOCHTIEF CZ, joint-stock company.