The original sewerage has not been meeting the operational requirements any more: originally it was built as drainage, but in fact it had been serving also for draining sewage and pre-treated water from septic tanks. Therefore the water in the local watercourses was polluted, choked by undesirable algae and plants. The subsequent partial immeability of the streams entailed frequent floods in the urban area.

The new gravitation-type sewage provides harmless drainage of the sewage and rainwater and treatment of the waste waters. This will gradually result in better quality of the watercourses, development of the fauna and flora in the surface water, and the ground waters will be protected too.

The project realization lasted 14 months and was undertaken by Division Moravia, in cooperation with Division Prague of the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF CZ. The larger part of the sewerage has been prematurely approved this August, in order to start the testing operation of the waste water treatment plant.

All industrial and commercial subjects in the location, as well as the private development, are connected to the sewerage with the total length 10 300 m. The completed project thus significantly contributes to the improvement of the quality of the environment and lives of the locals.