HOCHTIEF CZ completed and handed over to Prague a new section of metro line

On Easter Monday, five years of efforts of the builders working on extension of the metro line A were accomplished. HOCHTIEF CZ in a joint venture of suppliers built on the route two new stations (Bořislavka and Motol Hospital) and parts of the adjacent tunnels. HOCHTIEF CZ would like to follow up on this success in the upcoming projects of similar nature.

“This project has been one of our most important projects in the recent history of our company. Since it was carried out in the years of crisis in the construction industry, both its volume and the positive result had a stabilizing effect on the whole company. The resultant high quality of the work performed and extraordinary work engagement have been our priority. Our best experts and state-of-the-art technologies were involved in preparation of the project and the actual construction. We also made use of experience of foreign specialists from our mother company,” stated a Member of the Executive Board of HOCHTIEF CZ, Ing. Tomáš Koranda.

Bořislavka station

For long 37 years the original metro line A ended in the Dejvická, formerly Leninova, station. Once the train goes through the Dejvická station, the first station of the new section follows – Bořislavka. This station, which was for a long time called Červený Vrch, is, however, from the builders´ point of view the last one. The new section was tunnelled from the other direction, i.e. from the new terminal station towards the original terminal station. The three-aisle Bořislavka station was thus excavated and completed as the last of the new stations. The station, on which dominate eye-catching shades of red, is situated nearly 27 metres under the level of the Evropská Street and it is 193 metres long.

Motol Hospital station

Motol Hospital is absolutely different to the other newly built stations. It is the only cut-and-cover station of the new section and the only one that is lit by daylight. Concourse of this 160-metre long station is situated under the platform level and connects the station with the largest Czech hospital in Motol with an underpass. Combination of 39 reinforced concrete roof trusses manufactured at our concrete plant in Planá nad Lužnicí, large-size tiles and light filled and airy interior make this station an architectural gem. Since there are double-track tunnels connected to it, the station does not have island platforms, but platforms similar to those in the stations Vyšehrad or Main Railway Station having rails in the middle.


Before and after the Motol Hospital station HOCHTIEF CZ built hundreds of metres of tunnels with the New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM). The longest tunnel had 750 metres and was in the section Vypich – Motol Hospital. It is so unique because it is the only double-track tunnel on the entire metro line A. Moreover, there is a 160-metre long air conditioning gallery branching off this tunnel. In the section after the Motol Hospital station, Ruzyně-bound, we built a turning tunnel with a length of 410 metres, which can fit 2 trains – each of them 96 metres long. This tunnel should have been originally driven in the whole of its length, but due to the top wall that was not thick enough, 190 metres were cut and covered and only the remaining 220 metres were driven.    

“The extended metro line A is a project that significantly contributes to development of modern public transport in the capital, which is viewed positively by the public as well as representatives of the municipality of Prague, and we value it a lot. The HOCHTIEF group has rich experience with metro construction projects all over the world – in Copenhagen, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Athens, New York or Doha in Qatar. We are ready to offer and make use of this experience from all around the world in acquiring new transport engineering projects. A priority among those is currently for us the already announced construction of metro line D,” concluded Ing. Tomáš Koranda.